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About Inside Iran

Axis of Evil? You Decide!

When many Americans think of Iran, they envision the following:
  • Ayatollah Khomeini's piercing gaze as he denounces the U.S. as the "Great Satan"
  • Revolution against Western values, modernization, and all things American
  • American hostages blindfolded and helpless as radical, militaristic students wield machine guns and intently stare down the media with their scornful penetrating eyes
  • Veiled women, oppressed and imprisoned by an Islamic society
  • Islam, and all of its discontents- religious fundamentalism, torture, terrorism, and backwardness
  • A rogue regime, ruled by oil-hungry, corrupt anti-Western hardliners
  • A radically militaristic, irrational country bent on obtaining nuclear weapons that can one day be used on Americans
  • And, of course, Iran's membership in President Bush's Axis of Evil

Based on my own experience, I've discovered that Americans have a considerably distorted and/or inaccurate picture of Iran. With such sinister images presented to us in the media, how are we to know what's reality, and what's rhetoric?

Can we rely on the views of an outsider to shape our perception of Iran?

I'll let you decide....

From the Inside!

Via this online portal, I'll be your eyes and ears of daily life in Iran, bringing you information that many Americans have no access to. As your special agent, I am dedicated to the task of reporting on a variety of subjects within the country, getting answers to your questions, and providing you with an exclusive opportunity to gain perspective on an entire nation--one that's been regularly ignored or mispresented by the media.

So, if you're a curious individual who's not about eating up the hype, and if you wonder at times about Iran's social, political, cultural, and historical aspects, then you're in the right place.

I'll bring Iran to you from an American perspective, creating a window for those who want the access of an insider. Follow me on my journey to explore the other side of "Evil".

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