Does Iran have the right to produce nuclear energy?

Mohammad Reza, male, age 30, single, occupation: international businessman
Iran doesn't need nuclear energy with all the oil they have. This country should focus on fixing the economy, rather than pursuing nuclear energy, a technology far superior to its capability. Muslim countries with oil are lazy and full of consumerism. They don't have the application for producing nuclear energy. Nuclear energy isn't necessary for a country that cannot produce bowls. It imports them from China, and other places.

Parvene, female, age 34, single, occupation: accountant
Yes, Iran has the right to have nuclear energy because it is a resource that has valuable and positive applications.

Saman, Kurdish, male, age 29, married, father, occupation: businessman
It's definitely Iran's right to have nuclear energy, but I enjoy that international pressure is brought to bear on the government. It shows the government's weaknesses inside, and that it can't go up against the entire world.

Nabby, male, age 22, single, university student, major: civil engineering
I believe Iran has the right to not only produce nuclear energy, but also to develop nuclear weapons.

Mahta, female, age 43, married, mother, occupation: elementary school teacher
It is definitely Iran's right to have nuclear energy. Those applying international pressure to stop our program are doing so because they want to keep us dependent, they don't want us to advance in industry. What about other countries using nuclear energy? Nobody tells them anything.

Reza, male, age 31, single, occupation: businessman
Iranian society has the right to nuclear energy because it must be able to derive use of its resources, especially when it doesn't have the kind of funds that countries such as Russia, China, and others have, yet has the reserves.

Mehdi, male, age 18, single, university student, major: architecture
It's Iran's legal right; America and Europe do not want Iran to reach its goal. America's objective is to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, since the possibility arises with the production of nuclear energy. But Iran getting weapons is out of the question.

Morteza, male, age 50, married, father, war vet, occupation: electrical engineer
Yes, Iran has every right to pursue nuclear energy.

Fakhri, female, age 57, widowed, mother, occupation: homemaker
Yes, Iran should be self-sufficient and independent.

Farinaz, female, age 19, single, university student, major: general sciences
It's Iran's 100% inalienable right.

Zohre, female, age 36, married, mother, occupation: homemaker
It is our right-we must not be dependent; we must be able to stand on our own feet.

Autefeh, female, age 15, high school student, aspiring artist
It's our inalienable right; we're the eighth country in the world to possess this technology. We need this energy to help confront pollution; we can use it to develop electric cars; plus, it'll help us refine our own oil, instead of sending it outside refineries.

Rayhaneh, female, age 18, university student, major: psychology
Yes, this is Iran's right. If it's a good thing, then we should have it; if it's bad, then no one should.

Alireza, male, age 18, university student, major: civil engineering
Iran has the right, but only for civilian uses.

Flor, female, age 45, married, mother, occupation: retired high school teacher, petrochemical engineer
Yes, in any academic endeavor, this right exists.

Elaheh, female, age 38, married, mother, occupation: homemaker
The people want nuclear energy, and it wouldn't continue without their support. This can be seen by walking down the street-everybody's on board.

Marzieh, female, age 22, single, university student, major: mathematics
In general, every human being has the inalienable right to benefit from the use of all possible resources existing in the world. Everyone, regardless of their level of wealth, should have access to these opportunities that are not owned by a single person, but rather available to all.

Khaleh Shaffi, female, age 70, occupation: everyone's auntie
This is something that is everybody's. When our own kids make it, no one can take it away. What will we do 20 years in the future, when we don't have gas? This is a gift from God, and we must use it. If we don't, we are dismissing God's will for us.

Hossein, male, age 37, married, father, occupation: management design and information systems specialist
Every country should have the right to produce nuclear energy, except for Iran's government. It does nothing for its own people, or for the people of other countries.

Mohsen, male, age 27, occupation: electrician
Yes, because it's an energy source that everybody's using-big cruise ships use it to travel for months; generating energy costs less; and with the smallest amount of energy, we can produce a huge amount of light. Iran must protect its rights.