What are your thoughts on international pressure put on Iran to freeze its program? How should Iran react to such pressure?

Nabby, male, age 22, single, university student, major: civil engineering
Countries applying pressure are being cruel and unjust, but since they have the power, they can do it. We must do something to remove the pressure. Inviting these countries to cooperate in our project, which Ahmadinejad has suggested, is the best strategy for resolving this conflict. Either way, the production of nuclear energy should be done on our own soil. Another way to relieve pressure is to allow these countries to watch our activity to the extent necessary to show no nuclear weapons are made. We should not give in by stopping our program, but instead continue to invite cooperation.

Reza, male, age 31, single, occupation: businessman
The pressure is largely due to the worldview that Iran is a terrorist state that does not need nuclear energy because of its large reserves of oil and gas. By having these reserves, Iran can produce energy relatively cheaply, so the country cannot be that thirsty for nuclear energy. Countries like Turkey, India, and Korea do not have oil, so it makes more sense that they'd exhibit an immediate need for nuclear energy. Iran must be able to prove the extent of their need for nuclear energy, in order to alleviate the pressure and gain confidence from the international community. Iran also threatens America and Israel, especially Israel with the prospect of nuclear weapons, thus eliciting from these countries a natural fear of Iran, and its potential to use nuclear energy for ill will.

From an investment perspective, Iran must continue with its program so that the over $20 billion poured into the project doesn't go to waste. Of course, if the program continues, expenses will also increase.

Rayhaneh, female, age 18, university student, major: psychology
Industrialized countries, such as the U.S., don't want a country like ours to obtain this technology and advance. Iran should ignore the pressure and continue developing our program.

Mehdi, male, age 18, single, university student, major: architecture
When Iran makes a decision to do something, it does it, no matter what the pressure. Not everyone is against this decision, either, it's just made to look that way. For instance, Russia just signed a contract to build seven nuclear power plants in Iran. The pressure isn't as bad as the war with Iraq-that lasted eight years, and took the lives of a lot of our youth. No amount of pressure can ever compare to what we faced in the war. Plus, China and Russia didn't agree with the council.

Saman, Kurdish, male, age 29, married, father, occupation: businessman
It shouldn't be okay for Pakistan, India, and others because they've produced nuclear weapons with the intention of possible warfare. But Iran only wants nuclear energy, as its motive for the nuclear program.

Iran must be more relaxed with its people. If they are more relaxed, people will be relaxed, and they will tolerate the difficulties. For instance, there shouldn't be bad and good hejab, such as how they just started to set rules for length of montos for manufacturers. As long as the hejab sufficiently covers according to the Islamic tradition, then it should be left alone. I'm ready to fight all the way for our nuclear energy rights, if the government just relaxes a bit.

Parvene, female, age 34, single, occupation: accountant
Why is Iran the only one on trial? Israel has it, India, Pakistan, China-why does Iran have to be amongst those countries that cannot produce nuclear energy? Because everyone says Iran is a terrorist. To date, Iran has done everything it wanted to do. They'll even go to war to protect their rights. I think we need to use both our natural resources and nuclear resources, simultaneously, to produce energy.

Morteza, male, age 50, married, father, war vet, occupation: electrical engineer
We have no beef with the rest of the world. We're going to continue our program, whether or not others approve.

Iran, in a rational way, must defend its rights. Without getting angry, Iran must continuously assert its right, and not hold expectations that the world will eventually accept this. It must continue to press on.

Farinaz, female, age 19, single, university student, major: general sciences
The pressure is unrelated and lacks rationale; they have no right to impede Iran's progress.

Iran's response would depend on whether or not its rights are being hampered. If so, Iran must engage in a campaign to protect its rights.

Mohammad Reza, male, age 30, single, occupation: international businessman
If Iran was a country with a positive image in the world, a country with diplomatic ties, a country with a prestigious appeal, a country with sophisticated relations, etc., we'd have more power to dissolve this pressure. But Iran has lost face, it has no dignity, and as a result, no power. Therefore, we can't do anything about the pressure. We're not even close to being an ideal country. Iran should first fix itself before pursuing such grandiose goals. If we can have good relations with other countries, then we should cooperate; we must tell America and Europe that we need their help. There must be a give and take in removing this pressure, and the way to do that is with cooperation.

Fakhri, female, age 57, widowed, mother, occupation: homemaker
They want us to need them; they want to have everything, and we remain impoverished, underdeveloped, and reliant on them. Nuclear energy is like a razor-sharp knife-it can be used for both good and bad. This knife can save several lives through surgery, or can end a single life through murder. The U.S. is saying that if Iran has this sharp knife, it will use it for murder; but if America has it, it will be used for good. They cannot think of Iran using the knife as a doctor, but instead as a murderer. We don't want nuclear energy for war, we want to use it for positive results.

Iran must stand firm, demanding why the U.S. and others can have nuclear energy, but we can't. It's as if they're saying, "I can have this, but you cannot. If you ever need this, come to us, and we may or may not give it you. But most likely, we won't give it to you."

Zohre, female, age 36, married, mother, occupation: homemaker
In regards to international pressure, we don't succumb to force. We found our own way to have this technology, and nothing can take it away. It's ours. Why does the other side always try to make our decisions for us? It's not even clear what the goals are of this international pressure-what they want out of this-they just want to create obstacles for us. Just like Ahmadinejad said: "If nuclear energy is so bad, then why do you have it? And if it's good, then why can't everyone have it?" They always want third world countries to remain at the bottom, and only let us grow little by little.

We need to stand up strong, be resolute, and assert that this is our right. If we take a step back, the enemy will step forward. But if we stand tall, they cannot advance, and eventually, they'll step back. They keep trying to scare us away. If the people hadn't stood up and revolted, then America would have owned this country.

Khaleh Shaffi, female, age 70, occupation: everyone's auntie
America, all the way from the other side of the world, has no right to interfere in matters related to our free country. You can't say, "Don't eat rice, eat soup." They have no right to meddle in our internal affairs.

America and Israel, two nosy countries, are the only ones who don't want us to have nuclear energy. Governments of the free world are on our side. This situation is just like what happened before the revolution. When our oil was under British control, these same issues arose, and in the end our oil became nationalized. We celebrate this victory every year on the 29th of Esfand, which is the Day of Oil and Industry.

Aside from a handful of Iranian sell-outs, we are all standing strong and united. We will win.

Autefeh, female, age 15, high school student, aspiring artist
We don't want nuclear energy for any uses that aren't positive and peaceful. We should prove that we don't want to make weapons. For a country that was in a war for eight years, and won, it will not fear another war, or possible sanctions.

Our nuclear program must exist, and continue, especially since activities have already begun.

Flor, female, age 45, married, mother, occupation: retired high school teacher, petrochemical engineer
International pressure really means 4 to 5 people: Germany, France, Britain, and Bush. This isn't about our energy program. When our science advances a lot, our reliance on other nations becomes weaker-they don't want a third world, Muslim country to advance, at all. That is the main point.

We must respond with patience, not with fighting. We must show through action. We have done this-the Iran-Iraq War, with its chemical weapons, and Iraq helped by the entire world. We had chemical weapons, too, but we never used them. We didn't want anyone to suffer the consequences, because everyone in the world is dear to us. We proposed that poor countries that need oil should be able to buy it at lower rates, so that they can have a chance to develop. As a result, a separate account was opened specially for them. This happened only 1-2 weeks ago. We must all be friends and live side-by-side, and help each other.

Alireza, male, age 18, university student, major: civil engineering
I don't think it will influence their work because the decision has already been made to develop nuclear energy, and the program is continuing with people's support. After awhile, it'll fade out of importance for the U.S.

This issue must be solved diplomatically-America says Iran must engage in talks, and says the spent fuel should occur outside the country. For years, Iran has agreed to conditions that the other countries haven't carried through.

Elaheh, female, age 38, married, mother, occupation: homemaker
These other countries want Iran to always remain reliant and dependent.

Marzieh, female, age 22, single, university student, major: mathematics
Since Iran isn't a country to take orders, pressure has heightened. America interferes too much in other countries' affairs, which causes Iran to boldly assert its sovereignty, which is good, except when coupled with inappropriate comments, such as "Marg bar America." This rhetoric only makes Iran seem threatening to the U.S.

Iran has arrived at a point where they are on the path of nuclear technology, via international law, and resources not provided by America. Someone else labeled Iran as terrorist, a comment holding no meaning, yet being used to block Iran's progress. Therefore, discussion is pointless, especially since Iran's actions are consistent with laws governing international pursuit of nuclear energy.

Hossein, male, age 37, married, father, occupation: management design and information systems specialist
Pressure has led Iran to look for supporters of its program. Iran isn't worried about these pressures because it doesn't believe in them. Iran is ready to abuse its own resources by giving them to other countries for free, in order to get their support. For instance, Russia has received all contracts for our nuclear structures. Also, Iran purchased from Russia 130 3CABC planes, currently among the worst aircrafts in the world, at multiple times their normal price. And China wants really wants to have Iran's consumer market.

Iran must undergo reforms, and remove their hand from the energy program. If they do not approach this pressure logically, do you know what will happen? Huh? War.