Should Iran consider halting its program, in order to avoid economic sanctions?

Saman, Kurdish, male, age 29, married, father, occupation: businessman
Iran has a good play with other countries, good politics. But Iran cannot be like Saddam and use hard power tactics, such as doing whatever it wants. Iran should pursue a softer strategy by continuing to send out mixed messages, sometimes agreeing, and other times, not. They should also stress repeatedly that their intentions for nuclear energy are peaceful, and within the realm of the NPT. Also, I don't want Iran to be outside of the NPT.

Nabby, male, age 22, single, university student, major: civil engineering
We should not-in any way-stop, divert, or slightly change our nuclear program just for temporary gains because it is our absolute right to advance in science and technology. It's a cause worth dying for in war, rather than becoming slaves.

Mahta, female, age 43, married, mother, occupation: elementary school teacher
If we get scared and back down, stop our program, and alleviate the current pressure, we will only have temporarily settled this matter. In the long run, future generations will suffer tremendously from our temporary measures to appease the west.

No wanted to go to war, no one wanted sanctions, no one wanted to lose so many young lives, no one wanted to suffer, and no one wanted life to be so difficult or painful, but we were fighting the war to defend our rights. Any fighting now may bring hard times. It's not easy getting your rights.

Khaleh Shaffi, female, age 70, occupation: everyone's auntie
It is God's will that we advance. We are a country in which the majority of people are young, which is the biggest advantage for Israel and the U.S.

Nothing will change in our pursuit of nuclear energy.