What benefits do you see in nuclear energy? Can Iran go without?

Parvene, female, age 34, single, occupation: accountant
Nuclear energy has invaluable uses. For example, it'll greatly help in medicine. Even though healthcare is inexpensive for Iranians, there are patients who require treatment from abroad because of the uniqueness or rarity of their case. After the war, Iran didn't have the capability to treat many of its veterans who suffered from special ailments, such as exposure to chemical weapons, or even shrapnel that got stuck in their bodies. Even though the government helped these sick veterans, their treatment required them to be sent abroad, which was too expensive. But nuclear energy might provide us with the tools necessary to carry out such special procedures inside Iran.

Nabby, male, age 22, single, university student, major: civil engineering
Nuclear energy can improve medical science, irrigation, energy production, while also reducing air pollution and exploiting of oil.

We need to develop different energy resources because of our day-to-day consumption; nuclear energy will meet our needs. We cannot let them infringe on our rights.

Mahta, female, age 43, married, mother, occupation: elementary school teacher
They don't want us having nuclear energy because they say we're terrorists who want to use the technology to build weapons. Iran has not committed any terrorism, or sponsored it. What about Israel, who terrorizes the Palestinians? Or the U.S., who dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima? Or Germany, who supplied Iraq with chemical weapons that were used on Iranians in the war? Nobody ever stopped them.

Mehdi, male, age 18, single, university student, major: architecture
Nuclear energy provides many benefits, such as in medicine, agriculture, energy, and most important of all, sovereignty. No one will ever be able to tell Iran anything, again.

Reza, male, age 31, single, occupation: businessman
The most obvious benefit derived from nuclear energy would be the potential for Iran to refine its own crude oil to produce products, such as gasoline. Iranians could consume the products made domestically, which would decrease costs associated with importing benzene from other countries. There's also the potential to export nuclear energy expertise to surrounding nations; if Iran can do this with even 6-7 countries, it will gain more power economically, in terms of security, as well as politically; nationalism will also be strengthened.

Farinaz, female, age 19, single, university student, major: general sciences
Plenty of countries have tried to intimidate Iran by stalling its advancement, using political tactics to keep us at a certain level. But with nuclear energy, Iran can become a notable force to confront, in that it won't be as easy to obstruct its development.

Zohre, female, age 36, married, mother, occupation: homemaker
Even though I'm not familiar with the specifics, I know that nuclear energy can raise our standard of living, which is why we must have it. I know that we need this-that every country needs this.

Autefeh, female, age 15, high school student, aspiring artist
We used to be a third world country, but our level has increased; future generations will benefit.

Rayhaneh, female, age 18, university student, major: psychology
Nonrenewable resources will not be a problem in the future, as long as we have nuclear energy. Our heaters wouldn't need gas, our homes would have plenty of electricity without blackouts, and many more benefits would come about.

Flor, female, age 45, married, mother, occupation: retired high school teacher, petrochemical engineer
It's this new generation that will benefit most from nuclear energy, which is why it won't be cut off, not for any reason. Plus, all our youth are behind this program.

In all scientific fields, all are using nuclear energy; it's the radioactive component that's used in all our sciences, everywhere. If we don't have this technology, we will surely remain behind, far more than in the past. In my opinion, the use of radioactive material is fundamental to all scientific progress. If we put it aside, we will be 100% dependent on others.

And since we're a Muslim country-the only one achieving this-other poorer Muslim countries who need this technology are counting on us, because they wouldn't receive it otherwise.

Hossein, male, age 37, married, father, occupation: management design and information systems specialist
Nuclear energy is beneficial because it's cleaner for the environment, has more volume, and is cheaper.

Elaheh, female, age 38, married, mother, occupation: homemaker
When Edison invented electricity, could we have said you cannot use your discovery? That you must go back to lighting candles?