Are you concerned that Iran may be at risk of attack by another nation?

Marzieh, female, age 22, single, university student, major: mathematics
The possibility of war exists, unfortunately, and is an upsetting reality. If America wants to do something, it will; the objective is to give Iran trouble, on whatever excuse, because of its ultimate goal of controlling the Middle East. They say the strongest naturally have the most power, but in my opinion, the most rational thinkers will gain more power.

Elaheh, female, age 38, married, mother, occupation: homemaker
It's just talk and threats. Iran was under threat for 10 years; if the U.S. wanted to fight, it would've done so by now. Iraq and Afghanistan are not completely in their hands.

I think America wants to be friends with Iran, but politics prevents this because of those, for instance, who lost family members in the war, or don't trust America.

Mohammad Reza, male, age 30, single, occupation: international businessman
The game with Iraq won't occur with Iran.

Saman, Kurdish, male, age 29, married, father, occupation: businessman
If any country is bound to attack Iran, it's Israel, which will most likely target our nuclear sites. If this happens, Iran will probably publicize its objections internationally, or counterattack with some missiles. Actually, I can bet Ahmadinejad will respond with the latter option.

Mahta, female, age 43, married, mother, occupation: elementary school teacher
They're crazy, who knows what they're capable of doing? They've proven not to have common sense or wisdom, so there's no telling if they'll attack Iran. The U.S. is making itself and its country poor with all the expenditures they're making in Iraq. They keep creating expenses for themselves that take away from their people.

Mehdi, male, age 18, single, university student, major: architecture
Iran, overall, is not afraid of being attacked. Iraq is not at all comparable to Iran-it doesn't have Iran's people, security, or sense of unity. Khamenei has a lot of leverage, people will listen to him, and are more united. If he declares that Iranians must stand firm against an attacker, then religion becomes involved, and people will fight against an attack, even if they know they'll lose lots of lives.

Parvene, female, age 34, single, occupation: accountant
When America threatens to go to war, it follows through, as seen with Afghanistan and Iraq. But Iran is not a country that gives in to fear. It will stand up for itself.

Mohsen, male, age 27, occupation: electrician
America is spending a lot in Iraq, and it cannot gain victory. Iran is over three times the size and has way more powerful; there's no way America would be able to take us.

They won't apply economic or military brute; they'll play around, then end up accepting that Iran must have its energy. Because we're united in our goal, we can solve any problems.

Israel is very small, so it wouldn't attack us, because it knows any response will be severely detrimental for them.

Hossein, male, age 37, married, father, occupation: management design and information systems specialist
It doesn't seem likely that anybody will attack Iran. No one should have nuclear weapons because it creates problems for the world, not just for individual countries.

Flor, female, age 45, married, mother, retired high school teacher, petrochemical engineer
The possibility of attack exists. If they think logically on this subject, they can retain their decency. Like Russia-it's nobody's friend, but it will behave diplomatically, which will be reciprocated with positive behavior. If America and Israel maintain diplomacy by showing a bit of confidence in Iran, their actions will be reciprocated. To the extent that we've come, nothing bad has happened. They are leaps ahead of us, but if they behave cordially and with diplomacy, they can control our program with soft power.

There is a 50-50 chance of war. If it occurs, the downfall of America will be brought by its own people. I'm talking from the perspective of revolutionary experience. People in the U.S. are truly human beings, not at all like Bush. All these soldiers are being forced to go to war, but they have hearts. No one really wants to go to war.

Rayhaneh, female, age 18, university student, psychology
In this day and age, tanks, bombs, and guns have little meaning. If we get hit, we'll counterattack. But the U.S. would be more effective in waging psychological warfare. We are different from Iraqis and Afghanis, who don't support their government. Plus, those wars were to oust leadership, not to fight for the people.

Autefeh, female, age 15, high school student, aspiring artist
It's not possible, or else they would've attacked prior to us beginning nuclear activities.

Zohre, female, age 36, married, mother, occupation: homemaker
I don't think an attack will happen. I think there have been lots of protests around the world. Even in America, it seems people are unsatisfied with Bush. He brought himself to a new low, so that now people of various countries are all demonstrating against, and ridiculing, him. Bush's popularity appears to be declining rapidly. He embarrassed himself with his imbecilic actions-he lost the passion and heart he had. Others have also stood up against Bush. He's bringing so much suffering to Iraq, Afghanistan-constantly killing people, the bombing of the holy shrine. It's only gotten worse in these countries-there's no security. They want a puppet of Iran, but we won't tolerate that.

Farinaz, female, age 19, single, university student, major: general sciences
The possibility of war does exist.

Fakhri, female, age 57, widowed, mother, occupation: homemaker
Muslim countries do not like war; they like peace and serenity. But they will fight, if under attack.

Morteza, male, age 50, married, father, war vet, occupation: electrical engineer
No, because attacking Iran will make things harder for them, not for us. An attack will make no difference for us.

Nabby, male, age 22, single, university student, major: civil engineering
If sanctions are put on Iran, without meeting their intended results of stopping our program, then the UN Security Council will meet again to vote to attack Iran. If they attack us, we will fight back. In case of a war, they may win, but it won't be easy to occupy us the way they do Iraq and Afghanistan. Iranians will unite with each other during times of war and hardship. Although Iranians may disagree with each other on a lot of government policies, it's not like Afghanis or Iraqis, because despite the disagreements, Iranians don't hate their government.

Reza, male, age 31, single, occupation: businessman
Nobody will attack Iran; there is just too much foreign investment at risk.